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Tapestry Backpack: 13 Beautiful Tapestry Backpacks (Girls & Boys)

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Tapestry, the world comes from the Old French world “Tapis,” which means carpet. Although Tapestry was only used for carpets, it is now used in clothing, fashion accessories, and Tapestry backpacks. The fabric featuring heavy hand-woven reversible textiles and intricately painted designs for hanging, curtains, and upholstery called Tapestry.  

Now the question may arise in your mind that, if Tapestry is used for carpet or curtain, then what does it have to do with backpacks? The answer is that tapestry prints are used for backpacks, and since tapestry fabric is very strong, it also makes backpack stronger.

The specialty of tapestry backpack is its look and durability. It looks awesome when a tapestry print is depicted on a backpack. These Tapestry backpacks are very useful for everyday use. Since the fabric of Tapestry makes it durable, so it won’t get ripped easily. Therefore, your kid can use them for a longer period. The look, print, and design of these backpacks are designed for both boys and girls so that both can use it with a fashionable look.

Why Do People Love Tapestry Backpacks?

Tapestry is the name of a handicraft. Also, it has been in vogue for centuries. It’s an art that everyone loves. It looks purely aesthetic due to its beauty and artistic design. It is not limited to curtains or floor carpets. Since people like variety, these tapestry backpacks also come in a wide range of designs. Because of the long-standing attraction and uniqueness, Tapestry Backpacks have easily won the love of people of all ages.

13 Beautiful Tapestry Backpacks 

1. Water-Repellent Recycled Polyester Tapestry Backpack

This amazing Tapestry backpack is made from a completely recyclable bottle. The fiber is made from recyclable plastic that comes from plastic bottles, and then the polyester fabric is made from this fiber. This material makes this backpack more durable than others. You will find a huge space inside this backpack with a laptop carrier. This bag is waterproof so you can carry your essentials without any hassle of getting wet. This backpack’s look is so stylish and chic that you can bring it with you wherever you go. The many sections inside ensure that you can carry your belongings safely and individually. 


  • Type: Backpack
  • For: College Students, Teenagers and Adults
  • Material: Recycled Polyester
  • Measurements: 13 * 16 * 8 (inches)
  • Color: Gramercy Paisley, Black, Faded Jeans, and so on

2. Extra Large Cotton Tapestry Backpack

If your kid needs to carry lots of things with him and you are looking for a suitable backpack that can carry all his necessities, this backpack can meet your needs. This 17-inch giant bag with some extra pockets inside and outside can carry whatever you want effortlessly. This backpack is divided into several sections, including a large main pocket and a front zip pocket for your comfort. Inside the large zip pocket, this backpack provides you with a laptop pocket. You will find two mesh pockets to carry your water pot and a folded umbrella on both sides.  


  • Type: Backpack
  • For: Adults, College Students, and Teenagers
  • Material: Cotton
  • Measurements: 17 * 11 * 9 (inches)
  • Color: Bonbon Medallion, Bedford Blooms, Moonlight Garden, and so on

3. Multipurpose Superior Backpack for College

Are you looking for some versatile backpacks that you can carry with you everywhere? Then take a look at this backpack. This is such a backpack you want. The outlooks and the design of this cotton-made backpack are so versatile that you can take it with you whenever you go on a journey and the office or school or for a tour or anywhere you want. And best of all is this backpack is machine washable and so easy to clean. So, whenever it gets dirty, there is nothing to worry about. Besides, a variety of pockets, including a laptop carrier, ensures your comfort, and padded shoulder straps can reduce your stress.


  • Type: Backpack
  • For: Adults, High School and College Students
  • Material: Cotton
  • Measurements: 17 * 11 * 8 (inches)
  • Color: Gramercy Paisley, Winter Berry, Daisy Dot Paisley

4. Lightweight Water-Resistance Teens Backpack

The outlooks and style of this lightweight water-resistance Tapestry backpack are designed so functional and handy that girls can use it comfortably on every occasion. The impressive color makes it even more amazing. Since this backpack is made especially for girls, this bag is only made with a weight as low as 1.12lb. There are different colors available for this bag so you can choose the one you like. Inside the main pocket, you will find an identity window where you can keep your ID card in case of an emergency.


  • Type: Backpack
  • For: Teenagers, Adults, and College Students
  • Material: Polyester
  • Measurements: 15 * 11 * 7 (inches)
  • Color: Dream Diamonds, Petite paisley, and Water Geo

5. Micro-Square Diamond Stitch Cotton Backpack

Cool and aesthetic looking, this backpack is made with 100% cotton. The most amazing feature is almost every pocket of this backpack is zipper closure, including both sided mesh pockets. The black base floral print and the micro-square diamond stitch makes this backpack so stunning. If you are looking for something luxurious with durability, then pick one of these backpacks with rose print. This Tapestry backpack can also be used for a pleasant surprise gift for your partner, your wife, daughter, or your girlfriend on any kind of occasion. The beauty of this backpack surely attracts any girls. Apart from that, you can choose your favorite color, print, and size of this bag. So, don’t be late. Pick your favorite one and use it.


  • Type: Backpack
  • For: Adults, Teenagers, and College Students
  • Material: Cotton
  • Measurements: 13 * 9 * 5 (inches)
  • Color: Pretty Posies, Houndstooth Tweed, Dream Tapestry, and so on

6. Paisley Cotton Tapestry School Essentials Set

The Painted Paisley Cotton with authentic Tapestry design makes this backpack set marvelous. This backpack is completely made with natural wool tapestry. The more remarkable feature is the bag is completely handmade. That will give you an aesthetic feeling. The color and finishing of this backpack are so amazing that everyone must be staring at least once. This backpack offers you a matching Lunch Bag that your child can carry to school. With a flexible shoulder strap and a top grab handle, this backpack set is highly functional and handy. Both sided elastic tapestry pocket and front zipper pocket ensure that you can carry essentials separately.


  • Type: Backpack Set
  • For: Primary School, High School, and College Students
  • Material: Cotton, Tapestry
  • Measurements: 18 * 13 * 8 (inches)
  • Color: Black Base with Multi-color Design

7. Water Resistant XL Adults Backpack

This Tapestry backpack is made for people who want a rucksack that can be used as a casual backpack. The huge space of 30L strengthens this backpack. This backpack made of 100% recyclable plastic is water-resistant. Whenever you get tired of carrying it on your shoulder, you can put it on top of your trolley because this bag gives you a trolley sleeve on it. Various color is available on this backpack so that you can pick according to your choice. The backpack is such a type of backpack that you can bring with you everywhere. From rucksack to school bag or casual uses, this backpack is suitable for every type of use.


  • Type: Backpack
  • For: College Students, Teenagers and Adults
  • Material: Recycled Polyester
  • Measurements: 18 * 13 * 9 (inches)
  • Color: Bonbon Medallion, Black, Dark Blue Heather, and More

8. Belle Paisley Recycled Polyester Backpack

If you are a traveler and a student or an office employee and you need a backpack that you can use for every purpose you need, this backpack is made for you. Although this backpack is made for women, there are various colors that any man can use. At the front of this backpack is a hidden zipper pocket where you can keep personal valuables like passports, money, driving licenses, etc. The laptop pocket is separated from the main compartment to secure your laptop from other things you carry. To protect your essentials from getting wet, this backpack is made completely water-resistant. 


  • Type: Backpack
  • For: Adults, Teenagers, and College students
  • Material: Recycled Polyester, Tapestry
  • Measurements: 18 * 13 * 9 (inches)
  • Color: Belle Paisley, Black, Faded Jeans, and More

9. Golden Lily Tapestry Nylon Backpack

The simplistic design and visually pleasing look of this backpack are simply stunning. You feel a classic vibe after having such a type of backpack. Perfect for schooling, cycling, gym, shopping, as well as official or casual use. A comfortable padded top handlebar helps you to carry it comfortably on your hand for a long time. Perfect for a gift for your siblings, partner, girlfriend or boyfriend, or anyone on any occasion or non-occasion. Undoubtedly this backpack will be the choice of any tasteful person. So, without wasting any more words, just take a look at this backpack.


  • Type: Backpack
  • For: Adults, High School and College Students
  • Material: Tapestry, Nylon
  • Measurements: 16 * 12 * 5 (inches)
  • Color: Gray with Floral Print

10. Unisex Route-66 School Backpack

Route 66, the main street of America. This theme is used on this backpack for all route 66 lovers. The beautiful print with tapestry fabric looks so stunning that it can attract everyone’s attention. The outlook of this backpack is classic that will never get old, and you will be able to be in style with this backpack. You can use the utility pocket at the front of this backpack to carry your utility essentials. Amazingly strong, spacious compartment and both sided mesh pocket is the perfect combo for this backpack.


  • Type: Backpack
  • For: High School Students, Teenagers and Adults
  • Material: Tapestry Fabric
  • Measurements: 17 * 12 * 9 (inches)
  • Color: Brown

11. Patterned Canvas Rucksack for Traveler Girls

This Tapestry backpack is made for hardcore traveler girls. Perfect for hiking, outing, or traveling. 30 liter of huge space is enough to carry the supplies for any travel anywhere. All the lining and the front belt are made of pure leather, making this backpack more durable. You can carry your 17 inches big laptop easily on this backpack. Though this backpack is a little bit heavy, the material of this backpack amazingly soft. On top of that, the drawstring mouth closure makes this backpack easy to close and open for any traveler. Because travelers often have to open their backpacks. 


  • Type: Backpack
  • For: Teenagers and Adult Girls
  • Material: Patterned Canvas
  • Measurements: 18.5 * 11.8 * 6.3 (inches)
  • Color: Pinkish Floral Print

12. Cute Spaniel Dog Print Women Purse

This backpack is designed for girls who often have to carry their daily needs. Cute and amazing doggy prints and tapestry fabric increase the outer beauty of this backpack. The main pocket is drawstring closure, and you will find a hidden zipper closure pocket inside of this backpack. The grab handle and adjustable strap are made with faux leather. This backpack is a complete package of the aristocracy. So, you can present it to your kids, mom, sister, friends, or any type of girl without any tension.


  • Type: Mini Backpack
  • For: College Students, Teenagers and Adults
  • Material: Nylon, Artificial Leather
  • Measurements: 12.2 * 13.8 * 4.7 (inches)
  • Color: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dog

13. Floral Combo Tapestry Backpack and Lunch Bag

The vibrant color combination and floral print of this backpack definitely could be the first choice for any girl. For style and versatility, this bag is completely uncompilable. You will be surprised to know that this elegant backpack comes with a capacity of 25 liters. Machine washable material makes it easier to wash. The most stunning feature is that this backpack offers you a lunch bag with it. So, there’s nothing to worry about your kid’s lunch. The 9 inches lunch box is perfect for carrying a standard amount of lunch.


  • Type: Backpack Set
  • For: Teenagers, High School and College Students
  • Material: Cotton
  • Measurements: 12 * 16.75 * 7.5 (inches); Lunch Bag: 7.5 * 9 * 4.25 (inches)
  • Color: Purple Floral Print

Are Tapestry Backpacks in Style?

A proverb says that “old is gold.” Tapestry backpacks are like that. Tapestry is an art that comes from long back ago and still in style with pride and fame. The tapestry backpacks are also included in the trend. Those look classic and antique, but it will never let you down in case of style.

Why is the Tapestry So Important?

Tapestry is undeniably important, especially for the designers. There are several reasons behind this. That is, 

  • Tapestry is an old cultural heritage that we have a responsibility to preserve. 
  • This Tapestry represents our ancestors. 
  • Through Tapestry many ancient civilization patterns are found. 

Moreover, Tapestry is a handicraft. So, making it is not an easy task. That is why we should preserve and maintain this culture.

How Much Does a Tapestry Backpack Cost?

The price range of tapestry backpacks is started from $27 to $130 depends on quality, types, size, etc. But almost every tapestry backpacks you can purchase from $69.99 to $130.

tapestry backpacks

Final Thoughts

Every person wants such a type of product that they can use for a long time without worrying about its durability. Tapestry backpack is such a type of backpack that is perfect for robust usage, as well as stylish outfits. For those who are fashion conscious and require durability as well, these backpacks can fulfill both types of consumers’ requirements in a single bag. These backpacks are not only backpacks; these are a piece of art, so you must include it in your backpack collection. So, hurry up!

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