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12 Best Monster Jam Backpacks For All Ages [Monster Trucks]

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With great enthusiasm, Monster Jam series has long been followed by people of all ages. For this reason kids, toddlers, and even younger loves to buy Monster Jam Backpack with interest. This Backpack is decorated with various types of the official logos. Using this Monster Jam Backpack, they also tried to show that they are the real fans of this series. Active followers of this series still look for different styles of Monster Jam Backpack. Is your head tumbling around looking for your kids to find their perfect Monster Jam Backpack? If your answer is positive, we know exactly how you feel. That’s why we are here with this article to help you. Our experts have worked countless hours to put the best Monster Jam Backpack in front of you. It is also guaranteed that as a true follower of this series, you and your children will never be disappointed by buying this Backpack. Let’s look right here at the perfect Monster Jam Backpack and grab the right one.

What is Monster Jam?

Generally, Monster Jam is a series of live motorsport. Field Entertainment runs this series. These live motorsport events are held in North America and the script for the show is in English. It began in 1992 and until now there are 17 seasons in total. It has three events where seven Monster truck takes part in the competition. After one event, the driver who wins the match is rewarded.

Are These Monster Jam Backpacks Only for Kids?

Monster Jam Backpack comes with an excellent outlook that attracts your kid’s attention easily. They love buying various types of this Monster Jam Backpack. But this Monster Jam Backpack is not only ideal for kids. It is a suitable Backpack from elementary to adolescent. If you are wondering why this Backpack is not just for kids, then the reasons will give some insight into this-

1. Teenagers are interested in Monster Jam Backpack being a fan of Monster Jam show:

It is seen that most teenage boys love to watch Monster Jam show as it is action and thriller based. And they are more interested in buying this Monster Jam logos Backpack. They still follow every show event and become more excited while purchasing this product. For this reason, it is seen that teenagers also love to buy this Backpack.

2. Perfect Backpack for both elementary to secondary school children:

Elementary, Primary, Secondary, School children can buy them for regular use because

  • A large compartment provides a spacious area for carrying different items.
  • Suitable for school and college. Its unique design holds everyone’s attention.
  • Crafted with high quality of the fabric. This Monster Jam Backpack comes with reinforced, padded flexible belts and long-lasting zipper for optimum comfort and functionality.
  • A smaller zipped pocket is suitable to store things like a pencil, pen, eraser, etc.

3. Perfect Backpack for all outing:

This Monster Jam Backpack painted with its various official logo has all the properties that you need. Especially, multicolor printing makes the Backpack so unique. The Backpack is great for cycling, shopping, and outdoor events. It also provides facilities for carrying iPad, laptop.

12 Best Monster Jam Backpacks

1. Oxford Fabric Monster Jam Bookbag

If you are looking for your kid’s exclusive design Bookbag, then this one is the best option. This Monster Jam Bookbag is a large storage bag that helps you carry or store a lot of things. It also has a zipper closure which gives your child extra advantages. Simply because of its high-quality fabric, this Monster Jam Bookbag is a great gift for your child.


  • Type: Bookbag
  • For: Secondary School, Middle School, and Grade School Children
  • Material: Oxford Fabric
  • Measurements: 16.1”(L)*11.8”(W)*6.7”(D)
  • Color: Black with White and Red Printed Graphics

2. High-Quality Monster Jam Stars Backpack

This outstanding Backpack has an official Monster Jam logo printed with it. This Monster Jam Backpack has three compartments with extra side packet. It has a wide surface area to store a pen, eraser, and pencil with a book storage compartment. This graphical printed Backpack will easily attract your kid’s attention.


  • Type: Backpack
  • For: Grade Schooler and Middle School Boys
  • Material: High-Quality Fabric
  • Measurements: 16.0”(L)
  • Color: Gray and Black with 3D Design

3. Vinyl Fabric Monster Jam Bookbag

This red color Monster Jam Red Bookbag comes with a zipper closure system. The shoulder straps are padded and quickly adjusted. The front pocket provides additional advantages to store items. Thanks to its beautiful color, your kid would absolutely love to receive many praises from other kids and parents all the time.


  • Type: Bookbag
  • For: Elementary, Primary and Secondary School Children
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Measurements: 14.0”(L)*12.0”(W)*5.0”(D)
  • Color: Red

4. Pink color High Fabric Monster Jam Bookbag

This Monster Jam Bookbag in pink color is great for your adorable girl. It is great for dining, hiking, and traveling as well. Furthermore, there are several compartments that would allow your child to arrange for her daily needs, regardless of how far she moves and how far she carries.


  • Type: Bookbag
  • For: Middle School, High School, and Teenager Girls
  • Material: High-Quality Fabric
  • Measurements: 19.0”(L)*14.0”(W)
  • Color: Pink

5. Multicolor Toddler Monster Backpack

This Multicolored bag with graphical printing would be a great option if you need a baby bag for your kid. This customized Backpack is made of quality materials. Due to its compact design and large compartments, it is ideal for nursery education, day care, and carrying lunch during trips.


  • Type: Mini Backpack
  • For: Toddlers, Preschool and Kindergarten Kids
  • Material: High-Quality material
  • Measurements: 10.0”(L)*8.0”(W)*4.0”(D)
  • Color: Multi-color Graphical Prints

6. Max Destruction Monster Jam Bookbag

This exceptional bookbag designed by Monster Jam would make your boy a focal point in his school. This stylish Bookbag suits primary and secondary boys alike. Its zipper system possesses anti theft security features. Overall it is the best option for your boy as it is durable and long lasting.


  • Type: Bookbag
  • For: Primary, Secondary and Middle School Boys
  • Material: Canvas
  • Measurements: 15.7”(L)*11.8”(W)*5.5”(D)
  • Color: Yellow with Multi-color Monster Car Graphics

7. Double Headed Zipper Monster Jam Bookbag

Getting the first eye on this Bookbag and it’s a cute design, your kid will surely love the charming green paint. This Monster Jam Bookbag is made of high-quality canvas material and buckle. Its marvelous features keep it from fading and thus benefit in the long term.


  • Type: Bookbag
  • For: Grade School and Middle School Children
  • Material: Canvas
  • Measurements: 15.7”(L)*11.8”(W)*5.5”(D)
  • Color: Green with Graphical Prints

8. Gray Color with Car Print Interface Monster Jam Backpack

On this Backpack are printed official Monster Jam logos with Dragon Monsters, Grave Trigger, and Max-D. There are two extra pockets attached to it in addition to the big zipper compartments. In addition, a wide zipper compartment provides storage facilities for school products.


  • Type: Backpack
  • For: Secondary, Middle and High School Children
  • Material: High-Quality Fabric
  • Measurements: 16.5”(L)*14.0”(W)*5.0”(D)
  • Color: Gray with Multi-color Monster Car Print

9. Ergonomic Features Designed Monster Jam Bookbag

With this Monster Jam Bookbag, it will give your child a wonderful experience. This stylish, study Bookbag is perfect for Grade Schoolers. There is a top handle that your child can use to carry the Bookbag if they want to wear it on their shoulder. Its wonderful ergonomic features help your child avoid heating, scratching.


  • Type: Bookbag
  • For: Grade School, Middle and High School Children
  • Material: Polyester
  • Measurements: 16.9”(L)*14.0”(W)*5.0”(D)
  • Color: Multi-color Printed Design

10. Water-resistant Monster Jam Backpack

Stylish shape made of high-quality fabric makes this Monster Jam Backpack unique. It includes a shoulder strap, handles strap for easy carrying. This sturdy backpack is a perfect companion for carrying laptops, iPads. Additionally, this exclusively popular backpack is also perfect for your adventures and traveling.


  • Type: Backpack
  • For: Secondary, Middle School and Grade School Boys
  • Material: Oxford Cloth
  • Measurements: 16.5”(L)*14.0”(W)*5.0”(D)
  • Color: Black with Graphical Print

11. Polyester Lining Monster Jam Bookbag

This Monster Jam Bookbag comes with waterproof features and easy cleaning. Fabricated with long-lasting cotton fiber. Being made in style, this beautiful Bookbag is a functional and trendy package for everyday use.


  • Type: Bookbag
  • For: Elementary, Grade School and Middle School Children
  • Material: Polyester
  • Measurements: 15.75”(L)*10.24”(W)
  • Color: Multi-color Monster jam Print

12. Comfortable and Flat Zipper Monster Jam Backpack

You will be pleased with the stylish look of Monster Jam Backpack. Essentially, this Backpack is perfect for training, hiking, business, and other opportunities. You kid will be able to carry this lightweight backpack all day long. The main compartment has a spacious area to store wallet, umbrella, and crayon case.


  • Type: Backpack
  • For: Middle School, High School, and Teenager Boys
  • Material: Oxford Cloth
  • Measurements: 17.0”(L)*11.0”(W)*6.3”(D)
  • Color: Black with Multi-color Print
Monster Jam Backpacks

Why Do Kids Love Monster Jam?

Children love playing games and also playing with toys such as cars, trucks, buses etc. They are seen more fascinated for buying Monster Jam logos Backpack. This backpack comfortable to use for its lightweight features. The best part is, wearing this backpack kids get everyone’s attention.

How Much Does a Monster Jam Backpack Cost?

The cost of Monster Jam Backpack varies from 18 to 39 dollars. The reasonable price for most purchase Monster Jam Backpack is 28 dollars.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for top-rated Monster Backpack for your child, with this article you can easily find a solution. So don’t make your kids wait any longer, just surprise them with this backpack. And of course, you are always careful about the quality of the backpack, so in this article, you can be sure the all Monster Jam Backpack mentioned here is the best one for your kid.

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